Dog Sitter

18012 Bordighera (IM)

My name is Elizabeth and I have a strong passion for dogs. I currently own 2 Dobermanns and have decided to start my own small business once I move to Bordighera in May. I would like to start first with dog walking and dog sitting and also include basic training with these services for free at the moment. I am a certified dog trainer in the U.S and would like to share my knowledge and passion with dogs in Bordighera and surrounding areas. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to speak with me about helping your dog be a better more healthy dog!

Mi chiamo Elisabetta presto residiero in Bordighera dove voglio iniziare come dog sitter/dog walker/trainer. Ho fatto un dog training in passato e voglio portare il mio bagaglio di esperienza in Bordighera e dintorni iniziando da maggio di quest’ anno. Il mio sogno e avere cani sani e happy.


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